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My love affair with wire began many years ago but really bloomed into a passion about 5 or 6 years ago. Wire is such an amazing medium to work with as it is so malleable. 
It is so exciting to watch a bird or animal come to life in my hands and develop a personality. I often talk to the piece I am making when it gets to a recognizable state and I usually name it at that stage too. 
I am self- taught and approach each piece as a problem- solving exercise, and over the years I have worked out many new techniques and methods.



Award Winning Sculptor & Artist

I love making birds and animals and also fantasy creatures such as fairies, mermaids and dragons. I also like to make memorial pets, having made several dogs for people who's loved pets have passed away. This is a very emotional process and usually involves tears of happiness and sadness when the piece goes to its new owners. 

I am a member of the "Association of Sculptors Victoria" and a past member of "Made in Mansfield" - an artist run gallery in country Victoria. 

I have exhibited in Median to Rare (Mansfield), Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, ASV's Annual and Awards Exhibition, S.C.R.A.P. Swan pool, Tesselaar Tulip Festival, King Valley Art Show, Mansfield Hospital art show, Alexandra Art show, Yering Station, Castlemaine, Victoria Sculpture Prize at Sale and at Marian Rennie's exhibition. 
I also make to order ... imagination has no limits. 

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