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Jerry is an intuitive painter who works with a variety of mediums and styles. Working on up to six paintings at a time is common. Boredom and contemplation are not his allies. There is no planning and what starts off as an abstract could become a landscape or even a surrealist work. Jerry studied Sumi painting in Japan for several years and believes this has had a great influence on his work. He has been a finalist in the Cliftons Art Prize twice.

What’s his Studio like? Because he is working on more than one painting at a time, there may be paintings on the floor, on an easel or propped up against a wall. The surface he is working on or the medium he is using usually determines the painting’s place within the studio. Works may even be on the ceiling!


Jerry is a regular participant of Yarra Valley Open Studios.

Medium: painter
Tags: abstract, surrealist, landscape, oil, acrylic, ink

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