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My name is Juanita Bird. I live in Sunday Creek among the gum trees and I am self taught in all my creative pursuits. I've been creative from early teens, painting, drawing, leatherwork and making my own clothes or pimping old ones. Being a grown-up got in the way of my creativity and so the dream my 15 year old self had of waking up every day and doing what ever creative pursuit I wanted for a living, died a slow death, though the yearning for it was immense. 
I began random dabblings in acrylics in about 2015 but with zero dedication because I was so 'time' short.

I was self employed, seeing clients at my home office. Some years on, in 2020, when lockdown happened, I had to stop working and found myself with all this free time. I filled every day so abundantly, and to be real, joyously, with mad creativity. I was like an artistic whirlwind. It took me 3 months to realise I was actually living my dream!
Nature is my secondary inspiration but I rarely paint anything I see with my eyes. Almost everything I paint/draw is out of my imagination, being my first inspiration. My mind is like a circus and I never get bored. I love creating mythical creatures, like an emu x dragon for example. I adore the 
Australian outback and it's many contrasts and it is a backdrop to many of my paintings. I dislike waste so many of my canvases are repurposed. There might be 10 paintings under there. I use acrylic paint because I'm impatient and don't have time for paint to dry. True•  If I'm not 'arting', I'm in the garden, or staring bog-eyed at nature, or playing one of my many stringed instruments and pretending I can sing. 

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