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Born in Melbourne and growing up in Canberra, Nadine Dudek has a passion for depicting the natural world using watercolour as her primary medium. Now based in Melbourne, her work is influenced by the precision of botanic art and the elegant simplicity of Sumi-e Japanese ink painting. These two seemingly contradictory styles are used to draw the viewer’s eye by combining detailed brushwork at the focal point with clean, loose strokes portraying the remainder of the subject. Watercolour performs beautifully to capture the movement and freedom of the subjects she paints, with a fluidity and clarity that are key to compelling watercolour painting. The way in which different pigments interact often drives the choice of subject, where colour, transparency and granulating qualities are considered. For Nadine the most rewarding paintings are those with the fewest strokes and greatest tonal contrast, with a minimalistic approach making her work immediately recognisable. In 2015 Nadine left her career as a research scientist to become a professional artist. The decision to paint full-time has been rewarded with numerous successful solo exhibitions and award-winning paintings. 
Nadine is a member of the The Australian Guild of Realist Artists, the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia and the Watercolour Society of Victoria.

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