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Registered as a professional artist in 2009. Phillip has made Marysville Victoria his home since 2006. He was born (1957) and lived in in Sydney, retiring in 1998.

“I like to create paintings that encourage quiet contemplation. I paint in oils primarily, I enjoy and the fluidity and translucent effects that oil paint provides. I enjoy the expressionist ‘looseness’ of the finished work and balance ‘control’ with serendipitous effects in the paint. The painting evolves from the mind, composition and subject is the original consideration. As a painting evolves I might rest it for a short time then revisit with a fresh eye. I want to allow the painting to reveal itself in it's progression. Landscapes are my favourite subject, the aerial perspective and enigmatic effects of the light capture my imagination. My subjects are usually expressionist. I allow the creative process to engage without exercising strict photo-realistic constraints. I rarely include people in my paintings, unless it enhances the context of a subject. I also enjoy abstraction and also engage in painting these to keep me free in style, as a perfectionist my conflicts are to relinquish a desire to control the paintings too much, avoiding a contrived outcome.

That we can create a world in two dimensions using pigment is magic to me. Didactic performance art is not my agenda, any meaning in the work is the viewer's prerogative. Most of my canvases are of generous size to allow a dynamism and freedom of movement on the painting. I like to imagine the work to be hung in a large space or room for visual punch. Art is the meditation that takes me away from the concerns of daily life. Landscapes particularly, even for a brief moment, give a distraction allowing the participant a little wonder”.

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