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Tian You (born 1985) is a studio potter, diver and mad nature lover.

Tian was born and grew up in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. In 2009 she moved to Melbourne. Five years later she was at a crossroads in her life, dealing with a phase of uncertainties, when a beginners’ wheel throwing class launched her addiction to clay. This life saving addiction ‘pulled the cord’, releasing her entanglement. Thanks to her supportive family and friends, she has been able to explore her paths in ceramic craftmanship and arts practice ever since.

Tian is grateful for, and welcomes, the influence of her genetic and cultural up bringing in her ceramics. Her tight bond to oriental arts and its aesthetics of the beauty of nature, stimulate her unique work though mind and body.

She works with porcelain and exceptional studio developed glazes, composing with form, painting, and texture. This is the pathway she travels to conjure the scenery and emotions of Shangri-La, - a place of harmony interconnection between species and cultures.












In 2019 Tian was recognised for excellence in design at The Melbourne Teapot Exhibition. It was like a beam of sunlight coming through a misty forest, to have this recognition. She built on this with two awards of distinction at the Warrandyte Pottery Expo, where she has been welcomed into the community and co-constructed precious connections. A sense of belonging radiates heat in her heart. Most recently Tian’s work travelled north showcased In the North Queensland Ceramic Award.

Tian is currently developing her working philosophy; testing different methods and materials; making, making, and making. She continues to create her ‘cuisine’ with three-dimensional ceramic forms, a pinch of ancient oriental scroll paintings, garnished with imprints from locally found natural objects - seedpods, sea sponge and tree branches.

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