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My love of art started In high school, It was my favourite subject and to be honest the only one I ever got an "A:' In. I have always enjoyed sketching and drawing for relaxation when time permitted. 
Moving to the bush on the Monaro Plains NSW back In 1993 I started art lessons once a month and was fortunate to find a wonderful mentor Sammie Cline. Sammie painted In oils, and this was my first experience with oil paint, which I now love. She also taught me about colour, and the Illusion of depth that can be created by using colour, her tuition over the years advanced my painting greatly. She also organised some life drawing classes which again Improved my drawing and composition greatly. 
I have In recent times started to use chalk pastels. I have done a lot of dog portraits and birds with the chalk pastels, and they have become my second love to the oil paint. 
My ultimate dream once retired would be to travel this beautiful country and paint as I go. 

Tracey's painting 4.jpg
Tracey's painting 2.jpg
Traceys painting 3.jpg
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