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For the past 30 years, Bev has exhibited her artworks in solo and group shows in Melbourne, rural Victoria and Tasmania.
'My art is my dreaming on canvas. The works reflect a healing journey - going within to rise above the shackles of fear and self-doubt. The themes are often child-like, reflecting the importance of nurturing the child within with the tenderness and compassion that we tend to mistakenly seek from outside ourselves'.

Bev's latest works are beautiful free-flowing abstracts of natural elements


Bev Aisbett's illustrated self-help books on anxiety, depression and related issues, including the much-loved Living with IT and Taming the Black Dog have been a source of hope and support for thousands of readers in Australia and overseas for the past two decades.

As an illustrator and cartoonist, Bev created her unique cartoon format to simplify and demystify complex concepts, provide practical solutions and inject gentle humour to bring relief to those in distress.

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