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Welcome to the world of Leaf Magic Prints, Lamps and Journals, where art and imagination meet. Cecilia Sharpley is an artist who specializes in eco-friendly printing. bookbinding, printmaking, and papermaking, and she creates beautiful and unique art pieces.  Cecilia's method of eco printing occurs when the leaves are trapped onto paper through several hours of cooking, they transfer both their image and colour. Leaves can only be used once, and different species of eucalypts give their own colour to become unique prints which she uses as framed prints, lampshades or book covers.  Her love for the art of handmade art is evident in the quality and craftsmanship of her creations. Whether you need a lamp to illuminate your home, a journal to express your thoughts, or a print to decorate your wall, you will find something timeless and unique in Cecilia's collection.

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