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Peter’s working life as a mold maker for artists and sculptors have stood him in good stead when creating his own artwork. After retiring at 75 he was introduced to glass fusing using small, microwave kilns. With practice and the generous advice from two professional glass artists, his practical knowledge grew. Now with his own kiln, ongoing experimentation, trial and error have led to the current pieces. The work is in a constant state of development as new options and variations come to the fore.

Glass, with it’s light and pure colours, combined with overlays bring dull sketch plans to life. Overlaying gives more colours to the finished work. Though two pieces may start with the same layout, once kiln and glass have combined, no two pieces will ever be the same. The 'contoured fusing' process results in uneven depth and smooth round edges. Creating a piece that is structurally sound with seamless, delicate and as near to invisible, strong joins is as much of a challenge if not more than the original design.

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